Apparel Distribution Management

A solution for apparel wholesalers

The Apparel Industry consists of companies that design and sell clothing, sportswear, footwear and accessories.

Traditionally, apparel companies were wholesalers, selling large quantities of goods to retailers, which then marked-up items and sold them to consumers at a profit. This solution helps apparel companies efficiently manage and distribute merchandise in different colors and sizes at the same price.

System Administration

  • User account maintenance
  • User module access control
  • User application access control

Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory stock by warehouses
  • Classify inventory items by categories
  • Classify inventory items by four grouping levels for sales analysis
  • Manage stock and non-stock items
  • Print item bar codes
  • Set bin number and item bar code in warehouse stock card
  • Set cost multiplier to set average cost
  • Transfer stock between two warehouses
  • Manage stock by batches
  • Set item discount limit
  • Enquire item stock at all warehouses
  • View/Print item stock movement for current and last year
  • View/Print stock status by a range of locations and item codes
  • View/Print stock low items by warehous
  • View/Print over stock items by warehouse
  • View/Print zero stock items by warehouse and range of item codes and suppliers
  • View/Print stock ageing report
  • View/Print stock taking worksheet
  • View/Print stock valuation report
  • View/Printt inventory audit report by transaction type, warehouse and and range of dates
  • View/Print item ledger by warehouse and range of item categories for current and last year

Sales Management

  • Set item wholesales and retail selling price
  • Set warehouse stock card selling price for different color and size
  • Set selling price by different packaging and currencies
  • Set selling price by customer and currency
  • Streamline sales order processes
  • Approve and monitor quotation margin
  • View/Print sales history
  • View/Print sales analyssis by country, customer, item
  • View/Print supplieranalysis report

Procurement Management

  • Set supplier item contract price
  • Streamline procurement processes
  • View/Print outstanding PO report
  • View/Print supplier invoices by range of dates and suppliers
  • View/Print GRN value and quantity by category, brand, and range of suppliers and date received
  • View/Print supplieranalysis report