Pharmaceutical Distribution & Retail Management


Pharmaceutical copmanies deal in medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations that govern the safety, efficacy and marketing of drugs. This solution provides distribution and retail management functions for a pharmaceutical company to manage both front and back end operations.


A solution for pharmaceutical industry

  • Maintain drug warning and dosage master files
  • Maintain patient master file
  • Maintain doctor master file
  • Manage promotion items
  • Maintain payment modes master file
  • Maintain script control number for export sales, outpatient, prescription and others
  • Register patient prescription data before collection
  • Manage inventory stock by batches and expiry date
  • Print item bar codes
  • Print dispensary label
  • Integrate dispensary with POS
  • Dispense and print prescription item labels at dispensary counter
  • Process prescription and non-prescription items at POS counter
  • Print daily sales journal
  • Make enquiry on patient history by items
  • View and print patient history by date
  • View and print customer purchase history
  • View and print hourly sales chart by date